Tips for sunrise yoga

When getting out of bed the body is still asleep and stiff, but the mental level is calm and still with few thoughts, perhaps with some memories of dreams. However, a morning yoga session or morning yoga will help you start the day with more energy and is one of the best times to do your practice. As soon as you wake up, have a glass of warm lemon water, do your daily meditation, and activate your nervous system with a little physical movement. It is something that I have been doing for a long time and it has become my daily routine.

Best for morning yoga is a sequence of smooth, flowing yoga poses to awaken the body and mind. With dynamic, but slow movements, coordinated with your breathing. Creating space in the body. Thus, you will oxygenate your metabolism and warm the muscles, generating energy. You will achieve a feeling of physical and mental well-being as soon as you start your day.

Benefits of doing sunrise yoga

As I mentioned, doing a few minutes of physical activity in the morning helps to wake up the body and mind and, therefore, to start each day with energy. But the benefits of yoga in the morning go much further:

Activate your muscles and joints, making your body more relaxed for the rest of the day. This is important because the body and the mind are connected: if your body is tense, your mind will be too.

The conscious breathing not only awaken your body but also your mind. Start your day by being present in the here and now, instead of thinking about all the tasks ahead of you and overwhelming yourself earlier than necessary. This will help you face the day in a positive way.

Relieves (and prevents) stress and anxiety. Practicing yoga releases endorphins, better known as the happiness hormone. And if, in addition, you do it in the morning instead of in the afternoon, you can enjoy the feeling of relaxation throughout the day.

Increases the energy of the body. And also positive energy and good humor. The benefits of morning yoga work like a chain that will make you see your day-to-day from another perspective, it is a matter of well-being.

It is an exclusive moment for you. No scheduling conflicts, no noise in your mind. Practicing yoga in the morning with a rested mind is like giving yourself a therapy uniquely and exclusively for you. Is there a better way to start the day?

Yoga is a discipline of perseverance and self-knowledge. Practice yoga in the morning or in the afternoon, this discipline will help you grow physically and personally. But doing it in the morning will help you to be much more aware of your body and mind during practice.

In short, with just 10 minutes of morning yoga, you will reduce stress and improve physically and healthily. I encourage you to add a yoga routine to your mornings, with which you will achieve a lifestyle focused on inner peace.

A yoga class in the morning is very different from practicing yoga in the afternoon. Try this session every morning and you will see that your day will be different, you will have more energy, your mind will be more concentrated and open, you will notice a greater awareness with the present moment and you will have reduced stress levels achieving an improvement in the quality of life.

 Sunrise yoga fasting

It is best to practice morning yoga on an empty stomach, as many asanas require abdominal work. And, if you just ate, you will notice an upset stomach. For this same reason, it is always recommended to allow at least two hours to pass from the last meal before a yoga class. Even if you don’t practice yoga in the morning. In fact, eating shortly before practice is one of the 8 mistakes to avoid before going to yoga.

Also, when we finish eating, the blood is concentrated in the stomach to facilitate digestion. If you practice yoga on an empty stomach, the blood in your body moves faster and allows you to perform the better practice. This is especially important for the most difficult positions.

And what if you had a lot of dinners the night before? I recommend this morning yoga class for digestion after a heavy dinner. So you will start the day on the right foot.

Morning meditation

Meditating is important. If you are constant, you will notice the benefits of meditation. It doesn’t matter what time of day you practice it, but the best time to meditate is in the morning, right after waking up, or at the end of your morning yoga practice, because that is when the mind is clearest. I like to meditate as soon as I wake up. It is a practice that gives me a lot of peace and prepares me to face the day.

In Studio Online, my yoga video platform, you can find gentle yoga classes and guided meditations, both mindfulness and other techniques. Although, if you want to create the habit of meditating from scratch. Integrating it little by little. I propose my initiation program to mindfulness.

Morning yoga routine for beginners

If you are starting to practice yoga and want to introduce a routine, my recommendation is that you do yoga in the morning. Dedicate yourself just a few minutes each day to morning yoga and you will see how you approach the day in a different way. To do this, you can use a yoga routine to organize your daily practice.

you can find the Practice Guides, a pack that includes a downloadable calendar and a playlist of yoga and meditation videos. The calendars have 10 to 28 days and are used to check which video to make each day.

A yoga class in the morning is very different from practicing yoga in the afternoon. Try to do a session every morning and you will see that your day will be different. You will have more energy, your mind will be more concentrated and open, you will notice yourself in connection with the present moment and you will have reduced your stress levels. In short, you will have improved your well-being and quality of life.

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